Cleveland Clinic Middleburg Heights Family Health Center

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The Cleveland Clinic Middleburg Heights Family Health Center emerged from a vision to enhance healthcare accessibility in the rural suburbs of Southwest Ohio.

Operating under a tight deadline of less than a year, this project involved repurposing a vacant “big box” retail space formally occupied by Kmart, which was already positioned near major highways to mitigate the travel burden for routine healthcare visits.

Photographer: Scott Pease

Design efforts yielded a spacious family health center, boasting 168 exam rooms, 12 treatment rooms and a multitude of specialized areas. The facility offers a wide range of medical services, encompassing primary care, imaging, a lab, radiology, therapy and rehabilitation, urgent care and Cleveland Clinic’s first drive-through pharmacy. Additional medical needs are addressed through specialty areas like the COVID reCOVer Clinic, as well as dedicated spaces for various medical fields, such as dermatology, gastroenterology, neurology and more.

Spanning 93,000 sq. ft., ensuring ease of navigation for both occupants and patients was paramount. To this end, physical therapy, lab and imaging spaces were strategically placed at the center of the building, with exam rooms situated along the periphery, minimizing walking distances for all.

Intentional interior design selections featured throughout the center mirror Cleveland Clinic’s well-recognized aesthetic. Visitors are welcomed with neutral, calming color palettes, natural wood accents and glass panel walls. Furthermore, the integration of intake rooms and digital kiosks in the lobby optimizes check-in efficiency for patients before being escorted to an exam room.

Despite initial financial constraints on the building’s exterior, creative design iterations resulted in an attractive and budget-friendly solution, now emblematic of community identity. The Middleburg Heights Family Health Center continues to garner strong community support, elevating the local healthcare infrastructure and attracting patients far and wide in search of top-notch medical services.