Sewickley Academy eSports Suite

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The renowned Sewickley Academy sought to transform an underutilized media room into an eSports suite to facilitate participation in varsity tournaments. This approach would also pave the way to add a variety of related courses, equipping students for lucrative careers in emerging fields like game design and eSports management.

Photographer: Elliot Cramer

The layout needed to incorporate designated spaces for practice sessions, informal club gatherings and tournaments, while accommodating future additions and changes to Western Pennsylvania eSports guidelines. The work encompassed the full spectrum of architectural and interior design, with every corner fulfilling a distinct purpose.

Visitors are welcomed with vibrant colors and modular furniture that embody the atmosphere of a typical gaming lounge and enable easy reconfiguration. The institution’s signature red and black harmonize within the lighting and carpet patterns, and custom logos representing the Sewickley mascot are featured throughout to cultivate school spirit and pride.

Ten high-end gaming bays line the main wall for official use, featuring durable laminate flooring for heavy-duty equipment. A central coaching station enables the faculty supervisor to remote into gameplay and offer valuable insights, while additional seats flanking both sides of the desk promote inclusivity and encourage visitors to spectate games during tournaments.

Adjacent to this setup is an area for more relaxed console gaming, with soft seating, acoustic panels that enhance sound absorption and large-screen TV displays, as well as a cooperative workspace for video editing and media production.

All lighting fixtures, including LED accents, are adjustable to meet student preferences; complete control allows for brightness modulation, preventing screen glare and tailoring ambiance for hangouts and focused events alike.

To accommodate the substantial electrical load required for an eSports suite, decentralized units were added to the existing heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system. Gaming desks also utilize RaceTray molding for discreet power supply, and cable management behind TVs in the casual gaming area conceals wires within the cabinetry.

A defining addition to Sewickley’s offerings, this dynamic fusion of recreation and learning has become a driving force for an expanded curriculum, exemplifying the positive impact eSports can have on school culture and academics.