West Taghkanic and Woodward Bridge Replacement

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Columbia County, nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Hudson Valley, New York, undertook two significant bridge replacement projects: the West Taghkanic Bridge Replacement and the Woodward Bridge Replacement. Both endeavors addressed deteriorating infrastructure, while fostering connectivity and safety within the community.

Photographer: Brian L. Jones Photography

West Taghkanic Bridge Replacement

The West Taghkanic Bridge, located on County Route 10, serves as a vital connector over the Taghkanic Creek in the Town of Taghkanic. The original bridge, dating back to 1954, had seen better days, with a deteriorating superstructure and concerning history of stream bank erosion. The project, entirely funded by the county, aimed to address these issues.

CPL was entrusted with preliminary and final design services as well as construction inspection, ensuring that the new bridge met the highest standards of safety and functionality.

The replacement structure, a 77-foot span prestressed adjacent box-beam superstructure bridge, boasts improved hydraulic opening, additional freeboard, and improved substructure alignment. Moreover, approximately 600 feet of roadway reconstruction was integrated into the project, further enhancing traffic flow and connectivity.

A noteworthy aspect of this project was the collaboration with the Taghkanic Fire Department, resulting in a stacked boulder “stairway” for easy access to an existing dry hydrant within the stream. This partnership underscores the bridge’s pivotal role in connecting emergency services and safeguarding the community.

Woodward Bridge Replacement

The Woodward Bridge, also known as Bridge No. 127, traversing County Route 7 over a tributary to Roeliff Jansen Kill in the Town of Gallatin, was another critical project aimed at enhancing infrastructure. The original bridge, constructed in 1953, had suffered extensive deterioration, leading to weight limit restrictions. To address these issues and provide a safer and more efficient route for residents and travelers, the county funded the replacement project.

CPL was again selected to provide preliminary and final design services, with a focus on maintaining the existing alignment while improving structural integrity. The replacement bridge, consisting of three-sided precast concrete frame units, offers a clear opening of 27 feet, accommodating two 10-foot travel lanes and two 4-foot shoulders. This design not only ensures improved safety but also contributes to a smoother flow of traffic.

Both of these bridge replacement projects exemplify the county’s commitment to enhancing infrastructure, promoting safety, and connecting communities. They serve as vital links in the transportation network, fostering economic development and improving the overall quality of life for Columbia County residents.