Analog Devices Regional Operations

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Analog Devices, a global leader in digital and analog component manufacturing, sought to consolidate its multiple regional locations into a single, cohesive facility in the heart of Durham’s Research Triangle Park. The project involved the adaptive reuse of an existing campus, transforming it into a modern and optimal workspace for both engineers and technicians alike.

Photographer: Sterling E. Stevens

The first floor accommodates more than 300 lab benches dedicated to designing, developing and testing a wide range of high-performance analog, mixed-signal and digital signal processing circuits used in virtually all types of electric equipment.

On the second floor, emphasis was placed on collaboration and enhancing employee work-life. This is evident through the inclusion of workstations and private offices for over 450 staff members, numerous conference and huddle rooms, more than 20 open work areas, personal phone booths and an all-hands space capable of holding more than 250 people. The workspace was further enhanced with multiple amenities, including cafés and a gaming zone, while strategically placed break rooms and bathrooms add convenience.

A key aspect of the project involved an extensive overhaul of mechanical systems to maximize efficiency, ensure better air quality and meet complex temperature and humidity control requirements, especially within laboratory and testing spaces. Notably, this facility features highly advanced infrastructure, incorporating liquid and gas nitrogen, vacuum and chilled water systems to support testing equipment, with conditions that can reach -270 degrees Celsius.

Sustainability was also integral, with the use of eco-friendly materials and finishes, LED lighting and occupancy sensors all contributing to energy efficiency. The holistic approach extended to furniture procurement, which involved reusing existing pieces from Analog Devices’ Raleigh office.


The facility’s centerpiece is a breathtaking atrium, enriched with lush greenery and bathed in natural light. This captivating “spine” serves as the focal point around which the entire building is organized, featuring strategically placed entrances and a user-friendly signage system for seamless navigation. Additionally, a vibrant entry and reception area, prominently adorned in the company’s signature blue colors, warmly greets both staff and visitors.

With a strong focus on fostering collaboration and prioritizing employee well-being, this transformed campus serves as a thriving environment for Analog Devices’ workforce, representing a forward-thinking leap toward the workplace of tomorrow.