Union City Multi-Use Trail Master Plan

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The Union City Multi-Use Trail Master Plan (MUTP) is an ambitious initiative set to transform the Union City, Georgia landscape. This master plan builds upon the foundation laid in the 2019 Union City R3 (Reclaim, Renew and Re-imagine) Master Plan, marking the next progressive step in the city’s evolution.

At its core, the MUTP serves as a comprehensive roadmap that weaves together an expansive network of city-wide trails and pathways. The primary objective is to redefine how Union City residents navigate and interact with their urban environment.

In harmony with the city’s commitment to accessibility, the plan identifies essential first and last-mile improvements, enhancing connectivity to local parks and the MARTA transit system.

Extensive public engagement is a cornerstone of this project, with active involvement from the city’s residents, elected officials and local organizations. Over the course of a year, a wide array of outreach opportunities were offered, including a dedicated project webpage, monthly committee meetings, dynamic pop-up events and public forums designed to spark conversations and garner insightful design feedback.

To foster inclusivity, a Back-to-School Pop-Up Event was organized to heighten project awareness and gather valuable data. Geared towards families with school-age children, the event featured prizes and a unique “Piggy Bank Activity,” enabling attendees to allocate coins to their favorite trail destinations and ensuring alignment with community preferences.

More than just a document, the Union City Multi-Use Trail Master Plan is a blueprint that will mold the future of Union City’s landscape. Under its guidance, the city is poised to transform its vision into reality, ushering in a new era characterized by heightened connectivity, enhanced accessibility and vibrant urban living.