Belmont CityRec Center

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The CityRec Center in Belmont, North Carolina stands as a testament to visionary design meeting the dynamic needs of a growing community.

Amidst rapid population growth, the City of Belmont recognized the imperative for a centralized hub that would serve as a haven for diverse activities, fostering unity among residents and beyond. This sparked the inception of the CityRec Center, a transformative intergenerational recreation facility designed to elevate the quality of life for all

From the project’s inception, every design decision was a result of careful planning, incorporating valuable insights from virtual focus groups and targeted public outreach sessions. This inclusive approach ensured that the two story, 42,000 sq. ft. facility would address the community’s diverse needs.

Equity and accessibility were prioritized in the layout planning, fostering a welcoming environment for visitors to enjoy an impressive array of amenities. The facility boasts three basketball courts, six volleyball courts, a walking track, fitness classrooms, a dedicated play area for children, and a teen media and gaming room supporting e-Sports competitions.

Beyond its recreational purpose, the center features a beautiful lounge and café space with a fireplace, adding homelike qualities that bring warmth and comfort to visitors. We also incorporated a 1,170 sq. ft multipurpose space with a balcony overlooking picturesque views of the Catawba River—a perfect rental venue for parties, weddings, corporate events and private gatherings.

Further enhancing its versatile design, we integrated room dividers and ample storage, allowing the center to host a wide range of activities, including health and wellness classes, after-school functions, and summer camps.

At the heart of the design concept lies the city’s rebranding effort and its powerful slogan, ‘many threads one community’. This guiding principle was interwoven into every facet of the facility, forging a seamless connection between the center and the city’s identity. From strategic brand colors to specialty signage, every element encapsulates the spirit of unity and inclusivity that defines Belmont.

In its entirety, the CityRec Center is more than a recreational space; it’s a living embodiment of Belmont’s progressive spirit. It nurtures unity, enriches lives, and carves a lasting legacy of inclusivity for present and future generations. It’s a place where threads of diverse lives seamlessly weave into the tapestry of one extraordinary community.

Photographer: Sterling E. Stevens