Good Samaritan Hospital Imaging Department Renovations

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Driven by aging equipment and a strategic partnership with Philips Healthcare, Good Samaritan Hospital embarked on an extensive journey to renovate and modernize its imaging department. Spanning approximately four years, the project culminated in the successful completion of multiple initiatives, creating a highly progressive healthcare facility that prioritizes patient experiences, operational efficiency and advanced technology integration.

Photographer: Brian L. Jones

This comprehensive project encompassed a spectrum of areas within the imaging department, including the replacement of three X-ray machines, improvements to the procedure room as well as substantial renovations and equipment upgrades to the CT and MRI facilities and two nuclear Spectrometry rooms. Additionally, the recovery area and patient handling spaces were redesigned to offer a fresh and relaxing environment for patients’ post-procedure.

Balancing the hospital’s stringent white-on-white design standards, character and customization was creatively infused into the project. This was achieved through the installation of LED “mood lighting” and ceiling-mounted TVs in the recovery spaces, as well as the incorporation of natural wood materials throughout.

Optimizing workflow was also a priority, accomplished by a thorough revamping of departmental layouts. Notable changes included the segregation of staff and patient areas, the establishment of well-organized walkways, the addition of overflow rooms within the Emergency Department, the creation of a dedicated tech workroom and the redesign of waiting, intake, nursing and administration spaces.

To maintain uninterrupted departmental operations, the project was executed in seven dynamic phases, each planned carefully to minimize disruptions to patient care.

Boasting state-of-the-art digital healthcare technology and thoughtfully designed spaces, the renewed imaging department at Good Samaritan Hospital stands ready and well-prepared to meet the evolving healthcare needs of Suffern and its surrounding communities.