Cuba-Rushford Central School District STEAM Classrooms

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The Cuba-Rushford Central School District wanted a unique space for its students to explore their creativity. The result? New dynamic, flexibly designed STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) classrooms that serve as incubators for innovation.

As part of a larger Capital Improvements Project, CPL provided design services to create spaces that bridge core academics and cognitive skill development with applied learning. Technology infrastructure, flexible layout and program adapatibility were the primary drivers in this design. Power and data provisions for these new classrooms were bolstered to provide students with connectivity and charging needs for both wired and hand-held devices. Teaching spaces were arranged such that learning could occur in multiple formats and facilitate many concurrent activities.

Additionally, the metaphorical “hive” of activity was a driving theme that further reinforced the utilization of hexagonal acoustical control panels, brightly colored accents and playful light fixtures. These beautiful classrooms provide a laboratory type environment where students can uncover their passions through hands-on learning, empowering them with comprehensive skill sets along the way.

Photographer: Kim Smith Photo