Cuba-Rushford Central School District STEAM Classrooms

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The Cuba-Rushford Central School District embarked on a mission to create an exceptional space that nurtures students’ creativity. The outcome? New dynamic, flexibly designed STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) classrooms that serve as incubators for innovation.

Photographer: Kim Smith Photo

As part of a broader Capital Improvements Project (CIP), CPL provided comprehensive design services to create high-performing STEAM spaces that bridge core academics and cognitive skill development with practical learning.  These laboratory-style environments are engineered to empower students, enabling them to explore their interests and develop a wide range of skills through immersive, hands-on education.

The driving forces behind the design were focused on technology infrastructure, flexible layouts, and program adaptability. To meet the needs of modern learning, power and data provisions for these classrooms were enhanced, ensuring students have seamless connectivity and convenient charging options for both wired and handheld devices. The arrangement of teaching spaces was thoughtfully planned to accommodate various learning formats and facilitate multiple concurrent activities.

Moreover, a captivating thematic element inspired by a bustling “beehive of activity” was incorporated to further enhance the learning experience. This concept is reinforced through the use of hexagonal acoustical control panels, vibrant accents, and playful light fixtures.

The resulting aesthetically pleasing classrooms provide an engaging environment where students can uncover their passions and enjoy the journey of discovery through hands-on, exploratory learning.

engage with the 360-degree interior scan below by using your mouse to walk around the space. While you’re there, discover our top influential design elements, which allow these classrooms to serve as catalysts for innovation.