Chautauqua Lake Central School Outdoor Athletic Facilities

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With encompassing plans to upgrade their outdoor athletic facilities, the Chautauqua Lake Central School District embarked on an ambitious Capital Improvement Project, which included revamping their decades-old tennis courts, rejuvenating an outdated grass field, and addressing long-standing drainage issues in their playground.

During the pre-referendum phase, CPL discovered the district’s playground covered in a pool of water from nearby runoff, demonstrating the urgent need to provide the student body with more functional recreation areas. In alignment with the district’s overarching objective of facility enhancement, we proactively tackled the drainage challenges and concurrently embarked on comprehensive upgrades to the tennis courts, multi-sport turf field, and playground.

Embracing the district’s vision of multi-purpose athletic facilities, our K-12 team designed a synthetic turf field, complemented by an adjacent track events space. Connected to the field by stairs, this new competition site allows for multiple sporting events to occur simultaneously.

The project surpassed its original goals by reassessing the initial plan of merely patching the cracks in the tennis courts. Instead, five new courts were incorporated without compromising the project’s budget.

Furthermore, the project includes all-new playground equipment with a poured-in-place rubberized surface. Other standout features are the hill slide, which connects the upper parking area to the playground, a track that circles around the exterior of the playground equipment, and an engaging obstacle course tailored to the district’s physical education programs.

Today, the athletic complex serves as a dedicated hub for the football, soccer, baseball, softball and track and field teams, substantially elevating the learning, playing and athletic development environment for Chautauqua Lake’s students. These comprehensive enhancements not only provide enhanced conditions, but also extend a warm welcome to students and community members of all ages. The complex ensures inclusivity through ADA compliant, age-appropriate equipment and athletic facilities, fostering year-round engagement and activity.

Photographer: Tim Wilkes