Chattahoochee Technical College Center for Advanced Manufacturing and Emerging Technologies

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Supervising 22 technical colleges across Georgia through in-person learning on 88 campuses and online courses, the Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG) received increasing requests to add a facility dedicated to training professionals in advanced manufacturing technologies.

Recognizing that the demand far exceeds the number of skilled professionals in this emergent industry, TCSG sought a new center at Chattahoochee Technical College that will house the college’s Precision Machining and Manufacturing program, the Industrial Maintenance and Electrical Technology program, and supportive training in other arising technologies.

To encourage cross-curricular instruction and interactive learning, the Center for Advanced Manufacturing and Emerging Technologies (CAMET) is a spacious facility that features multipurpose workspaces, high-tech robotic and machining laboratories, and connected classrooms. Glass walls and large light-filtering windows are prominent throughout the center, which further elicits an inviting and enriching learning environment.

With purposeful design, the CAMET will provide the essential amenities to efficiently turn countless current and future students into advanced manufacturing technology experts.

Photographer: JandD Images