Clarkson Research Campus Master Plan

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The Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist School of Medicine’s Clarkson Research Campus Master Plan is a visionary initiative aimed at enhancing and expanding research capabilities for three major University programs—Animal Research, Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute and Pathology/Comparative Medicine—within a sprawling 200-acre campus.

Currently home to 600 large animals across 35 buildings, the research focuses on infectious diseases, Alzheimer’s, hypertension, diabetes, addiction and radiation-related illnesses. The master plan’s core objective is a 25% research capacity increase in the next decade, achieved by improving animal care, housing, husbandry, diets, enrichment, supplies, and veterinarian specialties and ensuring strict USDA and AAALAC compliance.

This effort is also underpinned by Comparative Medicine, an esteemed field in experimental medicine, which leverages animal models to advance translational and biomedical research, unraveling the intricate mechanisms of human and animal diseases through the study of biological similarities and differences among species.

Centered on animal care and adherence to compliance standards, the Clarkson Research Campus master plan is positioned to spur groundbreaking insights and discoveries, subsequently boosting comprehension of health and disease at a broader level.