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Connected to neighboring areas by a limited number of streets, the quaint Village of Alden, New York needed help restoring Alden-Crittenden Road (County Road 1)―an idyllic thoroughfare often used for heavy-haul vehicles, quarry trucks and school busses. While initial plans for the project deemed a standard milling and overlay, CPL worked with the Erie County Department of Public Works and a geotechnical consultant to further assess and determine that the entire pavement section was severely deteriorated, requiring crucial repairs to improve conditions for drivers.

Long-term durability for this special-haul road was a top priority for the community, which meant traditional asphalt rehabilitation would likely not suffice. Careful consideration revealed that a full pavement reconstruction would be necessary to extend its design life for decades to come. This effort began with existing road and subbase excavation, then was followed by newly installed subbase foundation and geotextile reinforcement, with asphalt laid on top.

Along with pavement reconstruction, significant stormwater management upgrades were also needed because the existing storm sewer system was undersized and had exceeded its useful design life. Additionally, since the roadway reconstruction project disturbed more than an acre of soil, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) mandated that a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) be prepared.

Our team implemented a comprehensive approach to providing drainage solutions that would address both water quantity and water quality. This was achieved by increasing the diameter of drainage pipes and adding water quality units. Concrete gutters were then installed to capture surface water flow and direct it to the new drainage inlets. As part of the process, a Joint Permit Application was submitted to and approved by the NYSDEC and United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE).

During the project, the Village also engaged our help with transferring water services and side street tie-ins from a 6-inch, 100-year-old waterline to a 12-inch waterline installed by the Village in the 1970s. The work was completed through a betterment process, and by using a single contractor for both the road and waterline components, substantial cost savings were achieved.

The upgrades to the waterline not only improved the infrastructure, but also provided opportunities for our team to collaborate with the community to plan for necessary road shutdowns and disruptions. This proactive approach was well received by the public, particularly by Alden Central School District located directly on the roadway.

CPL team members thanked by members of Alden Intermediate School.

Final touches to the project included construction of new concrete driveway aprons, fresh pavement stripping, clear signage, and further enhanced pedestrian access through the addition of newly designed ADA-compliant sidewalk ramps and several mid-block crosswalks. Each improvement has helped make Alden-Crittenden Road what it is today―a resilient and reliable pathway for all who travel through the picturesque Village of Alden.

Though situated in a small, charming village, the impact of this roadway project is significant and far-reaching. As a vital link for the community and its neighboring cities, this road can now provide its users safe and dependable access for years to come.

A civil engineering team member with more than two decades of experience, Jennifer is a Principal Associate and Project Manager in our Buffalo office. Her organization skills and attention to detail allow her to effectively manage highly complex transportation engineering projects for agencies and municipalities across New York state.

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