Alden-Crittenden Road (CR 1) Reconstruction

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Located in the heart of a quaint community, Alden-Crittenden Road (County Road 1), which was originally scoped for a milling and overlay, was found to have irreparable pavement and required crucial repairs to improve conditions for both drivers and pedestrians.

Thorough site inspections showed that asphalt rehabilitation would not offer long-term durability for the roadway, which is often used as a thoroughfare for heavy-loaded vehicles. The pavement was ultimately fully reconstructed, which involved excavating the existing road, including the subbase, and installing a new foundation with asphalt laid on top.

Coordinating with the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC), significant stormwater management upgrades to CR 1 were also provided, resulting in new closed drainage systems with new concrete gutters and driveway aprons, as well as water quality units. To further enhance pedestrian access, the road now features ADA-compliant sidewalk ramps, fresh pavement striping and clear signage.

Additionally, improvements were made to the Village of Alden’s waterline through a betterment, which involved transferring water services and side street tie-ins from a 6-inch 100-year-old waterline to a 12-inch waterline that the Village installed in the 1970s. One Contractor was deployed for both the road and waterline projects, resulting in cost savings for the Village.

Photographer: Worthington Images