Local Luminaries — How CPL is Empowering the Parlor City

In CPL Binghamton, ingenuity meets heritage, and community thrives.

Passionate about breathing new life into our home city, we tackle diverse capital improvement projects throughout Broome County and beyond, becoming extensions of the neighborhoods we serve in the process. From upgrading buildings and sites, to engineering water and sewer improvements, to designing accessible transportation systems, we understand that uplifting the community means going beyond blueprints and calculations; it’s about enriching lives and igniting the spirit of progress.

Our portfolio speaks volumes about this commitment—over the years, we’ve nurtured long-lasting relationships with clients such as the City and Town of Binghamton, the Town of Owego, the Town of Union and Broome County. Notable projects include picturesque overlooks at the Roundtop Picnic Area and Grippen Park; the Binghamton Front Street Gateway and Hawley Street Parking Garage; the peaceful Forget-Me-Not Memorial Garden; the Town of Owego Shared Municipal Facility; and a comprehensive, $3.8M renovation for the Broome County Softball Complex.

Four baseball diamonds from an aerial view

The reimagined Broome County Softball Complex is expected to open in fall 2023.

“CPL’s roots run deep here in Binghamton. Over five decades, we’ve become intertwined with the city’s urban fabric, and as residents, we know how to curate spaces that resonate with local values,” said Principal Consultant, John Martin, P.E. “Our personal touch leads to meaningful designs that drive connection and growth.”

But it’s not all business here—we’ve embraced a “work hard, play hard” mentality, and bonds between teammates run strong. Trivia parties, movie nights and sushi dinners at Sake-Tumi are all regular calendar events, and birthday and anniversary celebrations serve as cornerstones of our tightknit culture. We also organize frequent “lunch-and-learn” sessions, where team members share insights gleaned from different areas of the A/E industry to hone our collective, cross-disciplinary understanding.

“I think what sets us apart is our relationships. Work becomes fun when your colleagues are your friends, and laughter is the norm,” said Project Engineer and Architectural Designer, Dan Nead, E.I.T. “Our location also gives way to natural team-building, since there are plenty of things for us to do together during lunch or after hours.”

two men sit at desk and work on computer together

Our fourth floor office in the heart of downtown offers breathtaking views of 19th and early 20th-century architectural marvels, while just steps away, the excitement of Visions FCU Veterans Memorial Arena and Mirabito Stadium buzz with energy. Moreover, during the warmer months, we enjoy visiting cafes and breweries that offer outdoor dining options.

This downtown proximity also provides significant professional advantages—we’re just minutes away from many of our clients, and our team remains actively engaged with several nearby agencies and organizations. These include the Binghamton Commission on Architecture & Urban Design, the Association for Vision Rehabilitation and Employment, Inc. (AVRE) and regional chapters of esteemed groups such as the American Public Works Association (APWA), the American Water Works Association and the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE).

“We’re constantly looking for new opportunities and leveraging our innate talent to pursue practical, forward-looking initiatives that serve a higher purpose,” explained Senior Project Manager, David Chase, P.E., LEED AP. “This care and determination drive our adaptability and influence over developments in both our field and city, fostering a cycle of prosperity—so the future is always full of promise.”

3 men stand together in front of CPL plaque

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