K-12 Designs in Progress: Revealing “On the Boards” Projects Shaping the Future of Education

1. Architectural Metamorphosis

Introducing the Atlanta Unbound Academy expansion project

This K-8 Charter School in College Park, GA is bursting at the seams and ready to embrace a new chapter. In an exciting transformation, the school is converting an old church property in South Atlanta into a cutting-edge educational facility that will accommodate its growing student population.

As Phase 1 of the project takes shape, our team embraces the challenge of revitalizing a 1970s-style church, skillfully blending its distinctive architectural elements with modern educational accruements. The unique shape of the building adds to the creative hurdles, while adhering to updated codes requires careful consideration. But where there are challenges, there are also incredible opportunities.

The church’s sanctuary lends itself to becoming an expansive two-story classroom building, while plans to envision a centralized learning commons fostering peak collaboration is also in the works. Our team is committed to working with the school to infuse natural light, vibrant colors, and a sense of community into every space.

Through this expansion, Atlanta Unbound Academy forges a unified home for its diverse student population. The project is set to create an enduring legacy that enriches the school’s unique brand identity and cultivates a passion for learning.

2. Game Changing Upgrades

Unveiling the upcoming transformation of James B. Hunt High School’s (JHHS) athletic field and facilities

As one of three Wilson County high schools, JHHS will soon boast exciting upgrades, featuring an expansion from a 6-lane to an 8-lane track, complemented by a modern high school level competition surface that will elevate the athletics program to new heights.

Ensuring inclusivity and accessibility, ADA upgrades stand as a paramount focus in this venture. From renovated restrooms and concessions to a refined spectator area, every detail is being carefully envisioned with ADA-friendly amenities to ensure the viewing experience is both enjoyable and comfortable for all.

Not stopping there, enhanced security will take center stage with new LED lights illuminating the field, while extended walkways from the parking lot to the grandstands will grant seamless access for all.

With the support of Wilson County’s devoted football enthusiasts and the entire community, this project is set to kindle a wave of school pride, turning JHHS’s athletic facilities into a vibrant hub for everyone to cherish and enjoy.

3. Pioneering Health and Education

Critical building system improvements are in the works for Johnston County Public Schools

With a student population exceeding 37,000―and counting―across 46 schools, this district has experienced rapid growth in the last decade. At the forefront of their agenda is a dedicated effort to enhance the well-being of students and educators alike, with a focus on three elementary schools: Four Oaks, South Smithfield, and Cleveland Elementary.

Leveraging available ESSER funding and advanced matterport scanning technology, our team is generating immersive 3D scans of each building to create precise digital floor plans. This enables us to conduct comprehensive facility assessments, prioritize crucial renovations and allocate resources efficiently.

Key priorities have emerged, including addressing the deteriorating HVAC systems and poor indoor air quality plaguing these schools. Working closely with the district, we are advancing with the strategic planning and phasing of necessary renovations, maximizing the impact and value for Johnston County Public Schools.

The outcome will be transformative – a healthier, more conducive learning environment for students, a more comfortable workspace for educators, and a sense of pride for the community knowing its young learners are enveloped in a safe and nurturing educational destination.