CPL Elevates Key Leaders to Drive National Growth

Image shows a graphic. The left side is dark blue and shows the white CPL logo and reads "Empowering Leadership." The right side is white with dark blue text that reads "CPL Proudly Announces Promotions for Key Leaders."

We’re excited to announce the promotion of several team members who have demonstrated outstanding leadership within our firm! These advancements align with our strategic vision to strengthen our leadership bench and expand our practices along the east coast.

Image shows Tom Carpenter, a white man who is smiling. He has the shadow of a beard and is also bald. He is wearing a white button-up shirt with a suit jacket.Thomas Carpenter, P.E.
Tom draws insight from over two decades of experience to navigate complex community projects and mentor teams across the CPL footprint. As a Senior Vice President, he remains dedicated to collaborative efforts, joining forces with fellow team members and local officials alike to enrich the quality of life throughout the towns, cities and counties that we work with.


Image is a headshot of Kenneth Mayer in a circle. It shows a white, older man who has gray hair brushed to the side. He is wearing a striped, blue suit jacket and a light blue button-up shirt.

Kenneth Mayer, FAIA, LEED AP
Driven by his unwavering commitment to “building community,” Ken has been entrusted with several influential leadership roles within esteemed municipal and academic institutions. As a Senior Vice President, he will continue to bring an invaluable owner’s perspective to his work in community development and higher education.


Image shows a circle shaped headshot of Michael Mistriner, a white man with gray hair brushed back. He is smiling and showing teeth. He is wearing glasses with blue/gray framed.

Michael Mistriner, AIA
With more than three decades of professional experience under his belt, Mike possesses valuable insights into both the technical and human components required for successful architectural planning. As a Senior Vice President overseeing our Higher Education Practice, he remains committed to driving the firm’s business development efforts forward, combining attentive listening and forward-thinking designs to uplift campuses, whether large and small, public or private, to new heights.


Image shows a circle headshot of Adam Chahulski. He has short blonde hair that is slicked up slightly. He has blue eyes and a small smile. He is wearing a gray suit jacket with a blue and white striped shirt.

Adam Chahulski, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP
For more than 15 years, Adam has provided healthcare design expertise on projects ranging from small, hospital wing renovations to large-scale, bed tower additions. In his new Vice President leadership role, he’ll continue to guide our teams in creating spaces that not only improve patient care, but also provide respite for visitors and staff. Through his proactive design approach, Adam nurtures health and wellness at every level, ensuring that the environments we shape contribute to healing and comfort.


Image shows a circular headshot of Jason Benfante. He is standing in front of a brick wall. He has brown, short hair and wears rectangular glasses. He is smiling with teeth and his eyes are crinkled. He is wearing a maroon sweater over a plaid shirt.

Jason Benfante, AIA
Jason’s impressive qualifications are matched only by his genuine and personal approach to building professional partnerships with K-12 education clients. As a Vice President, his visionary leadership and dedication to fostering meaningful connections will continue to leave a lasting mark on the industry, uplifting learning environments for students and educators, and inspiring the next generation of professionals in the A/E domain.


Image is a circular headshot of Christopher Colby. He is standing in front of a green, nature background that is blurred. He has short blonde hair and blue eyes. He has a slight smile. He is wearing a white, light blue, and pink plaid shirt.

Christopher Colby, AIA, LEED AP
Chris is at the forefront of revolutionizing K-12 educational spaces, motivated by his vision to enhance career readiness and embrace evolving teaching pedagogies. His new Vice President role will allow him to continue to pioneer the development of flexible project roadmaps, ensuring that each learning environment is optimally designed to meet the needs of students and educators.


Image is a circular headshot of Erie Wies. He has gray hair and is wearing thick-rimmed rectangular glasses. He is smiling a half smile that shows teeth. He is wearing a black suit jacket with a dark blue button-up underneath.

Eric Wies, P.E.
As a Vice President, Eric remains committed to making a tangible difference in people’s lives, spearheading water and wastewater projects that lay the groundwork for thriving communities. With a wealth of expertise in planning, implementing and managing these essential systems, his leadership contributions play a crucial role in fortifying our built environment, ensuring sustainable and resilient infrastructure for future generations.


Image is a circular headshot of Timothy Moot. He has full gray hair and brown eyes. He is smiling. He is wearing a blue suit jacket with a lighter blue button-up underneath.

Timothy Moot, CPG
With a background in geology, engineering and hydrology, Tim expertly blends precision and creativity to tackle intricate municipal projects throughout the Hudson Valley. As a Vice President, he will continue to lead project teams and generate considerate growth strategies for communities, enriching people’s lives and leaving a lasting, tangible impact.


Image is a circular headshot of Michelle Trott. She has long dirty blonde hair that is parted to the left. She has brown eyes and her smile shows some teeth. She is wearing a beige top under a black suit jacket. She also has a simple chain necklace around her neck.

Michelle Trott, AIA, NCARB, ACHA
Stepping into a Vice President position, Michelle will continue to lead healthcare projects, championing a harmonious blend of human-centered design principles and environmentally conscious solutions. Her unwavering commitment to this mission is further exemplified by her active role on the American Institute of Architects’ (AIA) Academy of Architecture for Health (AAH) board, where she advocates for excellence in the design and planning of healthcare facilities.


Image is a circular headshot of K. Scott Gordon. He has gray hair and wears round glasses. He has blue eyes. He is smiling a smile that shows some teeth. He has a white, neat facial hair. He is wearing a light blue shirt with a black suit jacket.

Scott Gordon, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP
Drawing from over three decades of practice and public service, Scott leads project teams in designing a wide range of municipal and higher education facilities. Through his new role as a Vice President, he will continue to help clients gain deeper insights into the latest trends, blending planning and sustainable design with their experiential knowledge to power community connection.

We extend our warmest congratulations to this group on their well-deserved promotions! We’re confident that their collective knowledge and informed business strategies will undoubtedly enhance project outcomes and spur success not only for our valued clients, but also for the entire CPL team.

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