York Middle/High School STEAM Wing Renovation

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Formerly an under-utilized third-floor wing in their Middle/High School, the York Central School District sought to renovate this existing space into a creatively inspiring center that supports science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics (STEAM) learning.

After extensive user group sessions and needs assessments, input from key district stakeholders was leveraged to envision an architecturally bold and flexible STEAM learning wing that would promote student collaboration and boundless technological discovery.

Final designs for the new wing feature contemporary classrooms stocked with computers, greenscreens and smart screens, as well as multi-purpose laboratories with movable walls that partition the space as needed. Power and high-speed data capability permeate the space from both the ceiling and flooring structures with retractable cord reels and floor outlets, enabling charging functionality throughout the entire area. Modular furniture, mobile displays and video production rooms further elicit a modern and enriching learning environment.

The transformed STEAM wing sparks educational interest and curiosity in project-based learning while bolstering staff recruitment efforts for top teaching talent in the region.

Photographer: Tim Wilkes Photography