Exchange Street (CR 31) Rehabilitation

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Situated between Main Street and Dunbar Road in the Town and Village of Attica, Exchange Street (County Road 31) had been riddled with cracks and deteriorated pavement, causing poor conditions for drivers. Leveraging data received from extracted pavement cores, a rehabilitation plan was developed to extend the life of the roadway.

The roadway was ultimately treated in several ways; some sections of the pavement and shoulder received a milling and resurfacing of the top inch and a half of pavement, and the more deteriorated areas of the road’s shoulder were fully reconstructed, including the subbase.

Other opportunities to enhance CR 31 included the enclosing of a ditch with a pipe and drainage structure that prevents rainwater from overflowing and eroding the surrounding areas. Spot repairs were also performed on the deteriorated sections of the sidewalk, further improving pedestrian access for the community.

Moreover, all design and construction administration services were consistent with County and New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) standards and guidelines. This rehabilitated road now greatly enhances community access and will be used by the public for years to come.

Photographer: Worthington Images