USDA Agricultural Research Service Facility

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Dedicated to advancing collaborative plant science initiatives, the USDA Agricultural Research Service Facility is a groundbreaking project uniting the efforts of CPL’s higher education team, Clark Nexsen and North Carolina State University.

In response to aging facilities, this endeavor involves relocating the program to a pristine 12-acre agrarian setting. At its core, this facility is designed to facilitate research on germplasm lines aimed at enhancing crop yield, improving nutritional quality, bolstering environmental resilience and increasing pest resistance.

It features a versatile array of design elements, including wet and dry laboratories, humidity-controlled growth chambers, cold storage rooms, autoclaves, vernalization chambers and fume hoods. The greenhouse, complete with a headhouse, is climate-controlled using evaporative pad cooling.

The USDA Agricultural Research Service Facility fosters collaboration and enhances building efficiencies, integrates leading-edge technology and expands support and storage capabilities.