Kenmore East Senior High School Athletic Field

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As part of an extensive Capital Improvement Project (CIP), Kenmore East High School’s existing athletic field needed upgrades to ensure it could host the school’s baseball, softball and soccer teams throughout all seasons of the year.

Photographer: Onion Studio, Inc.

Designed for simultaneous gameplay, the field now serves as an efficient, mixed-use sports complex complete with all-new dugouts for players to gather in, ample equipment storage, removable netting for added versatility, and backstops with a brick knee wall to protect spectators from foul balls.

Furthermore, the field was ultimately replaced with a non-slip and waterproof dual fiber synthetic blend system, which was chosen specifically to enhance longevity, while accommodating multiple sports use. With flexibility and seasonality in mind, this transformation has become an integral centerpiece for the school’s athletic and physical education programs.