Thomasville Aquatics and Community Center

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The Thomasville Aquatics and Community Center project was a remarkable initiative aimed at revitalizing the City of Thomasville‚Äôs aging community pool and bathhouse at Veteran’s Memorial Park. The collaborative endeavor sought to provide the community with a modern, intergenerational hub that fosters social cohesion and engagement year-round.

The project’s genesis can be traced back to the fall of 2020 when city officials recognized the urgent need for repairs at the 70-year-old community pool. To ensure a comprehensive and inclusive approach, CPL was enlisted to conduct a feasibility study, gathering valuable input from the community through organized focus groups and public drop-in sessions.

The community’s candid feedback played a pivotal role in shaping the project’s scope. Working closely with city officials, CPL developed a project budget and design plans that centered around two crucial components: an outdoor aquatic center for summer use and a versatile community building suitable for a wide range of activities, including event rentals and personal get-togethers.

Today, the Thomasville Aquatic and Community Center spans an impressive 25,000 square feet and has been described as a “palace for the people.” The centerpiece of the facility is a state-of-the-art 200,000-gallon swimming pool featuring lap lanes and zero-entry capability, catering to swimmers of all skill levels. The pool is complemented by exciting amenities such as a 16-foot-tall slide and a splash pad with interactive spray elements, ensuring endless hours of enjoyment.

Safety was a top priority, as evidenced by the inclusion of a first aid room and a meticulously designed playground. For added convenience, a dining pavilion with a concession stand was incorporated, providing a space for refreshments and socializing.

In addition to the recreational area, the facility houses a catering kitchen and the new City Council Chambers. This section of the building serves multiple purposes, functioning as the City Council meeting venue while also offering flexibility to be subdivided for other events and activities.

Emphasizing accessibility for people of all ages and abilities, the site also features crosswalks to ensure safe pedestrian crossing and a new parking lot with dedicated handicap spaces. These collective improvements have rejuvenated the center into a vibrant, inclusive destination that promotes social interaction, physical well-being, and recreational opportunities for everyone.

Photographer: Sterling E. Stevens