South Winton Road Rehabilitation

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The rehabilitation of South Winton Road brought significant safety and connectivity improvements for drivers and pedestrians traveling between Jefferson Road (NY-252) and Brighton Henrietta Townline Road.

To extend the service of this heavily traveled roadway, the project involved deep milling (4”) and resurfacing with spot reconstruction of the road’s deteriorating areas. In addition, a video inspection of all storm pipes within the project limits was conducted to identify existing drainage pipes and structures that needed to be cleaned/re-lined with cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP).

Other opportunities to enhance the vitality of South Winton included the installation of new concrete sidewalks (7’) and ADA compliant ramps on both sides of the bustling road. Further improving pedestrian access, new pavement markings were installed and an existing span wire/pole signal was replaced with a mast arm pole system with a new traffic control cabinet, pedestrian signals and signal loops.