Randolph-Macon College Duke Hall

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In response to a growing demand for medical professionals in the state of Virginia, Randolph-Macon College (RMC) sought to develop a Physician’s Assistant (PA) program that would prepare students for the field through hands-on learning. However, with space on the historic campus at a premium, the need for a new facility was evident.

Photographer: Sterling E. Stevens

Enter Duke Hall, a striking three-story building situated adjacent to the home football stands. This facility not only serves as a hub for academic activities, but also lends support to RMC’s goal of attracting top-tier athletes.

Structured across three levels, the first floor accommodates training and locker rooms for various sports teams. The second floor hosts staff offices, conference rooms, general use classrooms, a press box, and a VIP event suite overlooking the football field.

The third floor is home to the new PA program, designed to replicate clinical environments. It features patient exam rooms, flexible classrooms, small group breakout rooms, a skills lab, and a communal area where students participate in simulated physical exams and clinical procedures to develop the skills necessary for successful patient care.

A grand stair functions as a “binding rod” that gracefully connects all three levels, providing panoramic views and a sense of cohesion throughout the building. Moreover, to promote school pride and consistency with the existing campus, Randolph-Macon College’s black and gold colors are seamlessly integrated with contemporary finishes and furnishings.

The project received an award for “outstanding design” during the 2023 Educational Interiors Showcase, standing as a testament to the power of thoughtful space planning in blending diverse elements to drive holistic personal and professional development. Today, the PA program opens local pathways for aspiring healthcare workers to pursue gratifying careers, right from their home community.