Wake Forest University School of Medicine Preclinical Imaging and Irradiation Facility

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CPL partnered with Atrium Health Wake Forest University School of Medicine to design and construct the Preclinical Imaging and Irradiation Facility (PRIMIR), the latest addition to the 200-acre Clarkson Research Campus.

PRIMIR serves as a pivotal support system for the burgeoning realm of NIH-funded translational research, hosting six major research programs, two national NIH-funded primate resources and two NIH research training programs.

The facility’s design encompasses imaging and irradiation suites, each dedicated to three major equipment items with their respective control areas. Additionally, it offers specialized spaces for research, including animal holding areas for non-human primates and large animals like sheep, goats and swine.

Procedure spaces, monitoring areas, a radiochemistry lab, radioactive decay chambers and a hazardous waste walk-in cold room are also integrated. Other features include ABSL-2 restricted corridors, stringent security controls, a loading dock and compressed medical gas cylinder storage.

PRIMIR operates in strict adherence to the highest ethical and operational standards, complying with guidelines such as the Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals, the Guide  for Biosafety in Microbiological and Biomedical Laboratories, AAALAC requirements, as well as international, federal and state regulations governing animal care, occupational health and safety.

Designed with specialized spaces tailored for academic healthcare research, PRIMIR stands as a pivotal campus asset, significantly advancing the realm of NIH-funded translational research.