Chautauqua Lake Central School Serving, Kitchen and Cafeteria Renovation

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As part of an extensive 2020 Capital Improvement Project (CIP), the Chautauqua Lake Central School District sought to modernize their serving, kitchen and cafeterias to provide a more inviting, collegiate-style dining experience for their PK-12 students.

Upgrades to the kitchen included a cooler/freezer addition, all new food service equipment and an expanded food preparation area which provided a more efficient space to prepare meals. A spacious, café-style serving line featuring contemporary countertops, digital menu boards and on-the-go options were also integrated, along with enlarged cafeteria entry points affording better access, easy self-service and open circulation paths.

To establish a welcoming dining area with diverse seating options, interior furniture selections yielded plenty of booths and high-top tables, many of which are on wheels, which allows students to easily customize the space to their needs and preferences. Other strategic design decisions included the incorporation of school branding, along with navy and white accent colors throughout to further promote school spirit and community pride.

Additionally, an underutilized room adjacent to the cafeteria was converted into a multipurpose, flex-use space for students, staff and members of the community to congregate in. With movable glass panels separating the space from the rest of the dining area, the room accommodates a range of activities like student group meetings, class lectures and after-school events.

Envisioned alongside district leaders, every design detail works together to facilitate the perfect place for Chautauqua Lake students to eat, relax and socialize in. Furthermore, the school’s revitalized “Café Spaces” continue to serve as an impressive centerpiece that the entire community can appreciate for years to come.

Photographer: Tim Wilkes