Georgia Department of Driver Services Kicks off Construction for New Customer Center

In a significant stride toward modernizing government services, the Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS) is undertaking a comprehensive initiative to replace all its aging Customer Service facilities. Their latest endeavor is the relocation and new construction of the Bogart Center in Oconee County, one of over 65 centers spread across the state.

Managed and procured by the Georgia State Financing and Investment Commission (GSFIC), this project transcends a mere relocation; it represents a leap forward in streamlining services and enhancing the overall customer experience.

The envisioned facility will embrace a seamless “self-service” model, drawing inspiration from modern airline self-service experiences to ensure swift and efficient transactions—a trademark synonymous with what DDS has become known for in recent years. Spanning approximately 8,000 sq. ft., the facility will feature self-service kiosks as well as up to a dozen issuance stations. It will also include dedicated queuing areas, customer kiosks, and space for computer-aided customer information collection and testing. Administrative offices and storage space will round out the center’s comprehensive design.

Exterior rendering of new customer service center in Bogart, Oconee County, GA

A Symbolic Groundbreaking

On November 17th, a groundbreaking ceremony signaled the initiation of the project’s construction, with notable guests, including Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, in attendance.

Several people shoveling dirt at a groundbreaking event to kick off construction for a design-build project

Governor Kemp’s personal connection to the Driver Center, where he obtained his driver’s license, added a poignant touch to the event. His expression of excitement and support for the project underscored its significance in advancing customer service for the state agency.

Set against the backdrop of a magnificent tree, to be preserved in CPL’s site design, Governor Kemp also remarked that the setting for the groundbreaking was perhaps the most beautiful he had ever seen, extending his congratulations to the team for their commendable efforts.

Design-Build Excellence

From its inception, the project has been a testament to outstanding collaboration. Our firm was invited to serve as the Architect and Engineer of record, providing comprehensive design services to support the state’s chosen design-build delivery method, led by Construction Manager, Albion. The partnership between CPL and Albion, marked by numerous award-winning projects over the last decade, harnesses the strengths of both entities.

Additionally, our team has been working closely with the Georgia DDS to ensure the facility adheres to their design standards, all while prioritizing a customer-centric experience. With a blend of modern design, innovative self-service solutions, and an unwavering commitment to excellence, this project demonstrates the power of strategic partnerships in driving meaningful change.

Late Fall 2024 is the scheduled completion date for the new Driver Services Customer Center. This will mark a great milestone in improving public services and customer satisfaction in the state of Georgia.

K. Scott Gordon is an accomplished architect and leader with a passion for sustainable design. Previously the Georgia Region Community Practice Leader and a Principal at CPL, he merged quality design with strong, lasting relationships to deliver exceptional projects throughout Georgia. Scott also served as a county commissioner in Cherokee County, bringing a unique perspective to the design process.

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