From Lego to Learning Environments: the Architectural Journey of Chris Ladanyi, AIA

Graphic reads on the left "K-12 Education Practice Feature" and then has a quote "A thriving community starts with a thriving school system. Chris Ladanyi, AIA Architectural Project Manager" On the right is an image of a white man wearing a suit. He has blue eyes and dark, short hair and is smiling.

Chris Ladanyi’s knack for design and problem-solving was apparent at a young age, when he spent hours rearranging his room and constructing intricate Lego buildings. His ability to quickly visualize solutions to everyday challenges caught the attention of all those around him, so it was no surprise when his father suggested he pursue architecture—and he did.

Today, Ladanyi has turned his childhood interests into a successful career. With nearly 15 years of experience, he serves a Project Manager at CPL Newburgh, consistently delivering K-12 facilities that bring people together and serve as catalysts for community pride and academic excellence.

With knowledge encompassing architectural design, civil engineering and land surveying, Ladanyi skillfully leads multidisciplinary teams with ease. He has also become an indispensable part of the planning process for countless school districts, participating in Board of Education meetings and joining forces with superintendents, facilities committees and community members to manage multi-million-dollar capital planning budgets, navigate complex state requirements and obtain additional funding for proposed plans.

With two children of his own, he feels he has some serious skin in the game, and wants to do his part in cultivating safe, engaging learning spaces.

“A thriving community starts with a thriving school system. We can help shape the next generation by designing classrooms that promote creativity, critical thinking and collaboration,” Ladanyi said. “When we invest in quality educational experiences, we sow seeds of positive change that extend far beyond a school’s walls, influencing every aspect of our society.”

Recognizing that truly impactful projects result from genuine relationships, Ladanyi’s primary focus lies in developing enduring bonds with his clients. He draws on his background in psychology to gain deeper insights into their students’ changing needs, leveraging that knowledge to help districts grow and evolve.

This personable approach is illustrated through his long-standing partnerships with the Ossining Union Free School District, the Spackenkill Union Free School District and the Pine Bush Central School District, among a variety of others.

Image shows a fitness center at Pine Bush High School.

Ladanyi oversaw much-needed improvements at Pine Bush High School, his alma mater, where four outdated English classrooms were transformed into a comprehensive fitness center to augment student health and wellness.

Outside of work, Ladanyi spends time playing basketball, hiking, walking and watching films with his wife Cindy, 8-year-old son Ethan and 3-year-old daughter Evelyn—and of course, he enjoys indulging in his architectural passion and childhood love for Lego with his children.

“The built environment is where life takes place; it’s where we live and learn,” he explained. “Architects and engineers have the privilege to contribute to society in a way that can be seen and felt by everyone, and that’s a noble thing.”

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