CPL STEM Case Study

School Districts throughout the nation are faced with unprecedented challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Districts must quickly create clear and concise re-entry plans that will give parents and caregivers the confidence to allow their children to return to school. Plans must include protocols for social distancing, enhanced personal hygiene and improved ventilation. Our team of experienced architects and engineers are prepared to work with you to complete your re-opening plan.

STEM Case Study

Our K-12 Education team has been hard at work studying the impact of the pandemic on our schools, and re-imagining the future design of classrooms and instructional spaces. These immediate solutions are intended to accommodate public health needs, yet still facilitate active and engaged modes of learning.

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A true advocate for new ideas and innovation, Chris' passion for K-12 design has always been a key driver in his efforts to outfit students with creative spaces for learning and development. For nearly 20 years, he has continually refined his work to reflect the latest trends in designing flexible spaces for individualized learning.

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