The Best Seat in the House — Shining a Spotlight on CPL Greensboro

Bright, unique and inspiring – three words commonly used to describe CPL’s location in Greensboro, NC.

The office is based out of an expansive nine-story building that shares land with First National Bank Field, home of the Greensboro Grasshoppers. Aptly nicknamed the “Slugger,” the building connects to the stadium via one of its ballpark entrances and provides CPL team members with the best seat in the house – an outdoor balcony that overlooks the field.

But the firm isn’t just a building occupant. Responsible for designing First National Bank Field in 2003, CPL was tapped again in 2017 to provide conceptual plans for the Slugger’s exterior. Designers utilized 3D modeling software to envision its shell, incorporating brick and glass components to complement the stadium and spotlight the Slugger as one of Greensboro’s downtown jewels.

The stunning interior, also designed in-house, features modern finishes, colorful accent walls and a state-of-the-art kitchen that doubles as a conference room. Adaptable breakout spaces promote co-creation between teams, and large windows flood the office with plenty of natural light.

“The Slugger was a massive collaboration between all of our multitalented professionals, and it helped the team develop strong interpersonal connections that endure today,” said CPL Vice President, Ken Mayer, FAIA, LEED AP. “It’s a full-circle testament to the impressive legacy we’ve cultivated in Greensboro.”

With diverse expertise serving a range of markets, the visionaries in CPL Greensboro have facilitated the city’s downtown growth for more than three decades, contributing to the development of private buildings, schools, universities, and transportation systems. The team also joins forces with members of the Charlotte and Raleigh offices to deliver sustainable design solutions to clients across North Carolina and beyond, exposing designers to new market sectors and project types.

“Our team is comprised of architects, interior designers and engineers, so we bring a cross-disciplinary approach to problem solving,” said CPL Architect Tod Dalton, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP. “Only a handful of firms in the region can say that.”

When they aren’t working intensively on a wide array of projects, the group engages in high-spirited team-building activities. From breakfasts and luncheons to hangouts at the local bowling alley, CPL Greensboro relishes every opportunity to grow as a unit – including partnering, sponsoring and volunteering with the Guilford Education Alliance (GEA) to assist staff at the Teacher Supply Warehouse.

“Everyone is extremely enthusiastic and motivated, and they’re always looking for ways to give back to the community – that’s what makes the CPL Greensboro team so special,” said Dalton. “Once someone proposes an idea, the whole office rallies around it. There are plenty of opportunities for people to raise their hands and engage.”

As members of the city’s Chamber of Commerce, the team also sends one person to participate in the Leadership Greensboro (LG) program every year. The program’s objective is to “create a community full of leaders committed to inclusivity, collaboration and the common good.” Additionally, as part of the program, team members attend leadership development sessions led by the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), a global leadership development organization headquartered in Greensboro.

“There are a lot of promising initiatives on the horizon for both CPL and Greensboro,” said CPL Mechanical Engineer, Michael Pena, P.E. “The entire region is poised for growth.”

Jenny works with the marketing team as our Internal Communications Specialist. She is primarily responsible for working with leadership, business partners and internal teams to write and edit content that establishes organizational messages and keeps team members apprised of big-picture developments. She applies her exceptional writing skills toward developing and tactfully implementing communications strategies and features that inform, inspire and engage people across the organization and beyond.

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