STEAM Wing Renovation and Curriculum Development Propels District Towards Enriched Learning Opportunities for All Students

Recall the traditional classroom environment: box-like rooms with rigid rows of bulky, steel-framed desks; students being directed to keep forward-facing attention towards a teacher with white chalk in hand; and limited opportunities for inspirative, hands-on learning amidst a dull, neutral-colored backdrop.

A new generation of students requires a new generation of classrooms.

CPL recently had the pleasure of working with the York Central School District to transform an underutilized third floor wing of the district’s Middle/High School into an architecturally bold, creatively inspiring center to support science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics (STEAM) learning.

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As an Interior Designer at CPL, Courtney works closely with clients and colleagues alike to develop interior plans and select finishes that enliven spaces with beauty and functionality. With a decade of professional experience, she often works closely with project team members to draft and detail the interior elements of design by developing reflected ceiling plans, creating custom casework and annotating elevations and selections. No matter what the size or scope, she enjoys working across disciplines as she believes the success of any project is highly dependent on the cohesion of the team.

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