Lauren Tarsio, the 24/7 Architect

Lauren Tarsio, AIA is always on the move.

As an Architectural Project Manager in CPL’s Newburgh office, she coordinates and executes tactical K-12 practice efforts across New York state, drawing insight from nearly two decades in the industry to create dynamic spaces that promote social wellness and enhance students’ experiences.

Her passion for and background in historic preservation—and her deep understanding of the role it can play within the larger context of urban revitalization and sustainability—has proven instrumental in building strong academic foundations that honor the past while ensuring students, and their communities, are well-prepared for the future.

“The K-12 team is focused on designing cooperative, hands-on educational spaces that make students want to engage their curriculums with teachers and peers,” Tarsio said. “Our work involves reimagining the way children think about learning, and that’s why it’s so important.”

In addition to attending board meetings, interfacing with clients and mentoring junior team members, Tarsio is deeply invested in strategic planning for CPL’s Vision 2025, and works closely with executive leadership to identify areas of growth for the K-12 practice. As a self-described “proponent of efficiency,” she credits the level of trust allotted by CPL leadership with enabling her to streamline processes and achieve project success.

“We’re given the autonomy to work in whatever way makes the most sense for us, and our leadership team employs a unique ‘open door’ policy that helps all team members ask questions, share ideas and really thrive,” Tarsio explained. “It’s something I’ve never seen anywhere else, and it’s been a real breath of fresh air.”

Tarsio, who celebrates five years with the firm this July, cites the team’s recent redesign for the library at South Orangetown Middle School (SOMS)—part of an $11 million capital improvement initiative at the South Orangetown Central School District (SOCSD)—as her favorite project thus far.

A before and after of the renewed SOMS library in Blauvelt, NY.

“CPL becomes a living, breathing extension of our clients’ teams, and to that point, we’ve developed a strong relationship with our partners at SOCSD,” she said. “This particular endeavor perfectly illustrates how transformative and impactful our projects can be when we invite clients to actively participate in the design process.”

Truly a 24/7 architect, when she isn’t spearheading projects, Tarsio can be found renovating her own house; she also provides building redesign and drafting assistance as a volunteer at her local boat club.

Her advice for emerging architectural professionals?

“Diplomacy is key. If you love architecture and you love working with people, everything will come naturally.”

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