Making Waves on the Waterfront – How CPL Newburgh is Revitalizing the Hudson Valley

CPL’s roots run deep in the Hudson Valley, where team members have nurtured enduring partnerships with local officials, business owners and residents for more than four decades. From town halls and public parks to versatile elementary, middle and high school facilities, CPL Newburgh’s luminaries are well-equipped to design transformative spaces that drive community growth and enrich people’s lives

One example of a CPL-envisioned gem? The Newburgh office itself.

Designed completely in-house, the interior (which previously housed a spa) is an adaptive workspace that utilizes collaborative breakout areas to meet a wide range of needs. The team implemented pops of color throughout the office to increase productivity and workflow, with some walls deliberately painted low-wavelength shades of green and blue to increase efficiency and focus. Others feature wooden accents, contributing texture, warmth and style to the ambience.

Vibrant yellow fixtures also provide boosts to optimism and energy, and spacious cubicles with glass windowpanes allow natural light to shine on every workstation. The site proves advantageous from a foodie perspective, too: Newburgh’s best riverside dine-ins, including Billy Joe’s RibworksPizza ShopHudson Taco and Blu Pointe, are just a short walk away.

Architectural Project Manager, Chris Ladanyi, AIA, shared how CPL Newburgh was designed to be a destination work environment, one that values engaging and purposeful workspaces for every team member.

“The office was strategically laid out to ensure everyone would have beautiful views of the Hudson River and the Newburgh-Beacon bridge,” said Ladanyi. “Our location has also become a centralized hub for conveniently maintaining strong working relationships with clients in Westchester, Rockland, Orange, Ulster and Dutchess counties.”

In addition to nurturing client relationships, the Newburgh team emphasizes the importance of sustaining close interpersonal connections between co-workers to keep spirits and productivity levels up. Whether they’re sharing hot cocoa, growing ghost pepper plants, donning their favorite sports jerseys, hosting family-friendly barbecues on the gorgeous deck, meeting up outside of work for food and drinks at the Newburgh Brewery or even indoor skydiving, this team thoroughly enjoys opportunities to get together and grow, not only as colleagues, but as good friends.

“People choose to be here, and to stay, because of our uplifting culture and dynamic energy,” explained Art Smith, Mechanical Engineering Team Member. “The firm has grown exponentially, but we’ve continued to cultivate our mom-and-pop atmosphere. A lot of other companies can’t say the same.”

Architectural Designer, Ingrid Martinez, agreed that teamwork at CPL is a company hallmark.

“Whether you’re an architect in Newburgh, NY or an interior designer in Woodstock, GA, you’re going to have opportunities to work on a little bit of everything with everyone,” said Martinez. “Each new project provides unique opportunities to expand our collective capabilities and strengthen our long-distance connections.”

CPL Newburgh has contributed to a substantial portfolio of regional work, including new construction and renovations for the Newburgh Enlarged City School District (NECSD), civil engineering and site design for Spackenkill High School’s Track and Field Complex and a massive restoration and preservation effort for the Orange County Government Center.

“The idea that we’re breathing new life into local communities provides a sense of fulfillment that makes our work truly enjoyable,” said Ladanyi. “We strive to help our clients make a real difference, and have a lot of fun collaborating with them—and that’s what we’re all about.”

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