Collaborative Approach Enables Seamless Integration of High-Performing HVAC Systems into Historic K-12 Schools

Fact #1: Aging K-12 buildings are often not designed to accommodate newer, more modern HVAC systems.

Fact #2: HVAC system replacements are inherently invasive.

Fact #3: Construction seasons are limited due to a lack of swing space.

These facts became ever-present when the Niagara Falls City School District asked CPL to help add new air conditioning to four of their historic elementary schools. Learn how we worked collaboratively with the district’s facilities maintenance team to successfully design and integrate chilled beam systems for their aging buildings.

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A CPL veteran who has served the firm for nearly two decades, Mike's engineering expertise encompasses a wide range of facilities and key HVAC systems. He has acquired ample experience designing unique solutions, some that include variable volume CO2 demand control, chilled beams, variable refrigerant volume, high efficiency boilers or even energy recovery systems.

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