St. Bonaventure Hickey Dining Hall and La Verna Cafe

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Known for providing students with a variety of taste-tempting, health-conscience and authentically flavored cuisines, St. Bonaventure’s Hickey Dining Hall and La Verna Café were both in need of upgrades to enhance functionality and promote strong student community.

Renovations included a new bold, modern staircase to access the second level balcony and mezzanine, along with updated furniture and interior finishes throughout. Large, statement-making graphics featuring the University’s colors and mascot were strategically placed to magnify school spirit and instill pride.

These enhancements allow both eateries to continue to serve as signature dining experiences that not only fulfill appetites, but nourish minds and build comradery with inviting, sought-after places for students to gather and socialize.

Photographer: Kim Smith Photo