Hall County Community Development Department On-Call Services

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The Hall County Community Development Department plays a crucial role in overseeing the multifaceted aspects of the county’s growth and development. This department serves as a one-stop resource, catering to the needs of both residents and developers.

Since January 2022, CPL’s on-call project team has significantly contributed to the department’s efficiency by providing comprehensive planning and government services.

Working alongside key stakeholders, we help integrate day-to-day responsibilities with flexibility and technical know-how to effectively manage and enforce zoning and land development ordinances. This effort plays a pivotal role in directing growth and realizing the county’s future vision.

Moreover, our team adeptly handles a broad spectrum of municipal services and planning efforts, including conducting plan reviews, building inspections, zoning analysis, staff report generation, permit intake and processing, stormwater inspections and MS-4 reporting.

In addition to these tasks, we also take charge of the greenspace elements within the Comprehensive Plan updates and supervise the administration of the county’s tree regulations. Our duties also extend to planning analysis, making recommendations for ordinance revisions and implementing procedural enhancements.

Committed to fostering Hall County’s growth and development, our team remains steadfast in its mission of translating the community’s vision into reality.