Wake Forest University School of Medicine ABSL-3 Translational Research Facility

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Originally intended for vaccine research and testing, this facility begins with a dedicated vestibule, featuring a Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) room for dressing and undressing. Inside, it houses two process labs, a holding room for various animal species such as swine, sheep and non-human primates, as well as a procedure and monitoring space and a necropsy room. The holding room can be effortlessly converted to accommodate individually vented cage racks for future rodent studies.

To prioritize environmental sustainability, the facility incorporates a chemical effluent decontamination system with redundant capacity to treat and assess liquid biological waste and an alkaline hydrolysis system for efficient animal carcass disposal. Decontamination can be conducted room-by-room or centrally with a vaporized hydrogen peroxide system.

Comprising three modular units, constructed and outfitted off-site, this ABSL-3 research facility was seamlessly transported and connected to pre-installed utilities on-site. Equipped with highly advanced equipment and research capabilities, it stands ready to support the university’s T2 translational research programs, dedicated to tackling complex disorders and diseases.