Great People Deserve a Great Place to Work

CPL lives on the first floor of Suwanee’s Gateway One, a five-story low-rise with easy access to the interstate. As a LEED Silver accredited facility, the building supports our mission to promote sustainable design practices, and with 7,548 square feet of space, the office suite provides ample room for the team to grow.

Our colorful interior is visually and physically modern, with an open-concept layout, vaguely industrial furnishings, hanging pendant lights and meeting rooms fitted with technological accoutrements. One side is composed entirely of windows, filtering natural light to our adaptable workstations and ensuring the entire area is well-illuminated. Our main conference room is accessible via a trendy pull-up garage door, which can be opened to incorporate office design charettes, lunches or meetings, saving space and spotlighting our team’s practical design sense.

In the midst of intensively designing a variety of dynamic projects, our Suwanee professionals are also known to indulge their shared love of fun. Ice cream socials, Taco Tuesdays and Waffle Wednesdays are all frequent calendar events, and team members especially enjoy making use of the centrally located foosball table and nabbing sweet treats from the candy bowls situated throughout the office.

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