2626 West State St.
Suite 213
Olean, NY 14760

Situated in Olean’s Central Business District, CPL lives in the stately Lincoln Park Suites building, surrounded by several landmarks, shops and eateries. Down the street, Franchot Park hugs the Allegheny River and provides a picturesque location for outdoor activities during the warmer months.

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A Community Cornerstone

CPL is heavily involved in Olean’s Downtown Revitalization Initiative, which aims to provide residents with better opportunities to learn, grow and thrive via the implementation of sustainable and equitable design solutions. This work encompasses planning for new streetscapes, roadway structures and drainage improvements as well as enhancements to local schools, healthcare facilities and public spaces. Devoted to meeting the needs of their growing community, our team is proud to play an active role in the city’s renewal.

Culturally, our office has adopted a “work hard, play hard” mentality and interpersonal connections between teammates run strong. Build Your Own Bagel Sammie Day, Breakfast Day and Dip Day are all rotating calendar events, and birthday celebrations and themed potlucks aren’t uncommon.

As members of the Chamber of Commerce, CPL Olean also participates in the Chamber’s annual golf challenge, and team members frequently gather outside of work to attend comedy nights, visit the driving range and get dinner with our families.

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