64 Green St #1
Hudson, NY 12534

CPL is located in the waterfront city of Hudson, known for its rich agricultural history, artistic vibrance and walkability. Team members enjoy their proximity to authentic “mom and pop” restaurants, food trucks and antique shops, as well as a variety of galleries and contemporary hangouts – including the renowned Basilica Hudson, a multidisciplinary arts center.

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Local Luminaries Designing Change

Positioned strategically at the city’s center, CPL lives in a revitalized former church building within walking distance of several municipal clients. Impressive exterior columns invoke a sense of grandeur and old-world charm that reflects our team’s wholesome community values, while the comfortable interior promotes casual conversation and camaraderie between fellow coworkers and clients alike.

As longtime locals who are passionate about community planning, our team ardently tackles diverse capital improvement projects throughout Columbia County, becoming extensions of the neighborhoods they serve in the process. Whether we’re developing commercial site layouts, rehabilitating water systems, participating in planning board reviews or conducting boundary and corridor surveys, we invite clients behind the curtain, enabling them to co-create with us to bring dynamic visions to life.

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