120 West Trinity Place
Floor 3
Decatur, GA 30030

CPL is located in the heart of Decatur at The Square, the city’s vibrant commercial district. After work, team members can catch a show at one of the neighborhood’s stages, head to Ebster Park for a breath of fresh air or explore the historic downtown scene. The Decatur Transit Station is only a block away, providing easy access to the greater Atlanta Metro area.

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Everything is Greater in Decatur

CPL Decatur lives on the third floor of a modern coworking building that offers expansive lounges, bright and airy conference rooms, and sleek private offices. Our uplifting interior features a Norwegian design motif with trendy lighting fixtures, expansive windows, beautiful plant life and one-on-one booths that promote a collaborative work approach. Team members also enjoy 24/7 access to a designated wellness room, fully equipped with relaxed seating to help us decompress.

Highly focused on facilitating community growth and revitalization, our team’s combined experience in architecture, engineering, planning, code enforcement and zoning administration helps pinpoint residents’ needs and develop long-term roadmaps to meet them. Whether we’re crafting subdivision ordinances, conducting property record research, developing permit reviews or performing erosion control inspections, we know just how to bolster excitement for our city’s future, and we strive to help the public play an active role in shaping the neighborhoods they live and work in.

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