A Little Bit of Everything

Designed in-house, our Albany office’s interior is open-concept and modern, featuring several collaborative workspaces and expansive windows that flood the office with natural lighting. A dedicated break area sparks organic conversation between team members, and it isn’t uncommon to see everyone engage in holiday events, outdoor activities or even rock-climbing meetups outside of work hours, demonstrating an intentional culture of fellowship and fun.

Workwise, our team’s greatest strength is their ability to provide each of CPL’s services in one opportune location. Uniquely covering every angle of the A/E/P industry, we join forces to tackle projects involving architectural building development and renovation, reformative engineering, interior design and long-range community planning. From restoring Saratoga Springs City Hall after it was struck by lightning to completing dozens of bridge replacement assignments throughout the Capital Region and beyond, the CPL Albany team consistently delivers sustainable solutions to endure for decades to come.

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