Suwanee Station Park Named 2023 Metro Atlanta Redevelopment Summit Small Project of the Year

Stone steps surrounded by lush landscaping at the Suwanee Station Park

We are excited to announce that the Suwanee Station Park in Suwanee, Georgia, was named the 2023 Metro Atlanta Redevelopment Summit (MARS) Small Redevelopment Project of the Year. This recognition emphasizes our Community design team’s dedication to working with clients in crafting spaces that foster a more livable and sustainable community.

Cultivating Vibrancy in Underutilized Community Spaces

CPL partnered with Reeves-Young Construction Company to revitalize the park, which is nestled between the Suwanee Police Station and StillFire Brewing (previously the Gwinnett County Fire Station).

two images of the Suwanee Station Park side by side. On the left is metal benches with large flowering trees behind them and tables with umbrellas in the background. On the right is A grassy courtyard that reads "Suwanee" next to a playground.

This pocket park received numerous enhancements, including the incorporation of artificial turf for cornhole, the installation of new seating and the refurbishment of the playground. Beyond cosmetic upgrades, the park was restructured to align with the nearby multi-purpose trail, seamlessly connecting Suwanee Town Center with the future Town Center on Main.

A playground with a sidewalk around it and benches on the sidewalk at the Suwanee Station Park

Addressing safety concerns, the project introduced a plaza in front of the police station, improving the overall pedestrian experience. Upgrades to lighting and landscaping were also implemented to elevate the park’s ambiance and user-friendliness.

a grassy courtyard that reads "Suwanee" at the Suwanee Station Park

What was once an underutilized area in the city has been transformed into Station Park, a unique green space that invites the Suwanee community to gather, play and watch trains pass by on the nearby railway.

To learn more about this prestigious recognition, we invite you to read the full press release here:

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