Keeping Up with Rebecca Keefer

Rebecca Keefer, AICP is planning a better tomorrow.

As a Senior Planner and vital member of CPL’s Community Practice team, she facilitates the growth and revitalization of towns, cities and counties by pinpointing residents’ needs and developing long-term roadmaps to meet them. Whether she’s working with clients to craft subdivision ordinances, overseeing tactical urbanism installations, or helping junior team members navigate complex zoning code reviews, she knows just how to bolster excitement for a community’s future, encouraging members of the public to play an active role in shaping the neighborhoods they live and work in.

In addition to juggling a myriad of other CPL assignments, Keefer serves as the embedded Interim Director of the Community Development Department for the City of South Fulton, GA, attending city council meetings and collaborating with the Assistant City Manager to make sure “all the plates are spinning.” She’s also Chair of the Emerging Planners of Georgia (EPG) board, an extension of the Georgia Planning Association (GPA); she relishes interim roles such as these, as they allow her to offer her expertise when filling a need or vacancy.

Keefer attributes the breadth of her planning skills to CPL, noting that her role with the firm has allowed her to wear many hats.

“Our team is embedded with a wide range of diverse communities, so we’re consistently adapting to new zoning codes and procedures that improve our planning workflows and help communities achieve their best,” Keefer explained.

When she isn’t managing projects, you can find Keefer chasing adventure—i.e., hiking, rafting and traveling across the globe with her husband, Ryan, and daughter, Isabelle. An avid reader, she’s dedicated to completing at least 20 pages a day and plans to write a book of her own in the near future.

If you asked her what she most enjoys about working at CPL, she would talk to you about talent mobility.

“The leadership team personally invested in me from the moment I joined CPL, helping me develop a structured path to meet my career goals,” Keefer said. “I’m truly grateful for the hands-on opportunities that were available to me right from the start.”

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