Building Strong Foundations: How CPL Inspires the A/E Visionaries of Tomorrow

A project is not always finished the moment the ribbon is cut. At CPL, our K-12 Practice team remains steadfast in our dedication to investing our time, skills and passion to inspire young students to explore career paths in the architecture and engineering (A/E) industry.

Our ongoing partnership with the York Central School District (YCSD) is a perfect example of this commitment.

In 2022, our team worked with the YCSD to transform an underutilized third-floor wing in their Middle/High School into a vibrant center for science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics (STEAM) learning. The newly revitalized space is a hub for project-based, experiential learning, offering students opportunities to develop skills in robotics, computer sciences, CAD programming and graphic design. In fact, the very same engineering and design technologies we used to create the center are now being taught to students, allowing them to gain a deeper understanding and practical experience in those fields.

A few months after the project was completed, our K-12 team was invited back to the school to speak with students about the many A/E career opportunities that currently exist. During the presentation, Civil Engineer Zach Anderson, E.I.T. and Interior Designer Nicole Wyllie shared personal anecdotes from their experiences in the industry and provided students with valuable insights into the skills required to succeed.

“As the industry continues to evolve, so does the need for experienced professionals to mentor the future generation of A/E visionaries,” said Anderson. “Just as we’ve learned from those before us, it is our responsibility to help students recognize their own potential in the industry and guide them through the steps to achieve their career aspirations.”

For Wyllie, mentoring students interested in skilled trades is a powerful way for her to make a lifelong impact.

“When we open students’ eyes to the many exciting A/E career avenues that await them, we unlock opportunities for them to lean into their interests and become successful, hard-working members of their community,” said Wyllie. “Planting these seeds of inspiration early on will have lasting influences on their professional journey.”

Our K-12 Practice continually strives to help ignite this powerful ripple effect—an effort that aligns seamlessly with our mission of building strong foundations in the communities we live and work in. Through continued collaboration with schools and students, we aim to inspire young minds and help districts cultivate the new, up-and-coming talent that’s necessary to sustain and advance the A/E industry.

A bold thinker with an impressive range of achievements, Jason understands that design is all about envisioning meaningful environments that are specific to the end user. Throughout his two decades in the architectural industry, he’s led countless project teams to deliver creative, highly functional design solutions for our partners. From state-of-the-art STEAM learning centers to multi-million-dollar educational master plans, Jason remains focused on preserving, protecting and enhancing the performance of K-12 facilities. He approaches all projects with rigor and enthusiasm, skillfully transforming every client’s vision into a tangible built expression.

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