How Graham Boyd is Championing Sustainability in Schools

Graham Boyd, AIA, LEED AP, NCARB is setting the stage for the next generation of students to thrive.

As an Architectural Project Manager in CPL Raleigh, he blends variegated expertise in residential, commercial and K-12 design with scientific research to create versatile classrooms that drive scholastic growth and achievement.

“Our team is using data-driven sustainable design practices to increase energy efficiency, improve attendance and test scores, and give students the enriched learning experiences they deserve,” Boyd said.

With children spending the bulk of their time in the classroom, schools often have a profound, measurable impact on their physical, mental and emotional development. It is with this understanding that Boyd approaches new construction and renovation projects for districts spanning North Carolina and beyond.

He also leverages his knowledge as a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design-accredited professional (LEED AP) to execute “green” design methodologies, with a goal of enhancing crucial building characteristics—such as solar orientation, indoor air quality and daylight harvesting—to better students’ health and behaviors.

“Studies show that windowless classrooms, for example, can adversely affect cortisol levels, decreasing concentration—that’s one of the many facets we consider when designing these spaces,” he noted.

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When he isn’t juggling projects, Boyd supports nonprofit organizations as a member of Leadership Raleigh, a program that focuses on shaping future community leaders throughout the Triangle Region. He also coaches baseball and basketball at his local YMCA, and enjoys spending time with his wife and children.

He believes local involvement is the key to cultivating schools’ success.

“The more involved you are in the community, the more you’ll be able to understand and support its students,” Boyd explained. “There’s a lot to be gained from giving everyone a chance to voice their needs.”

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