CPL Career Paths: Southeast Region M/E/P Leader, Mike Pena

Mike Pena, P.E., CBCP has been an essential part of our team for almost two decades. From his start as a Junior Designer, he has demonstrated a passion for innovation and eagerness to take on new challenges, roles and responsibilities, ultimately emerging as a leader who inspires and mentors others to help them reach their full potential.

A career with CPL is an open door to a world of opportunity. No matter what role you fill, there’s a customized path of exciting growth and professional development for you to take.

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As a Media Production Specialist, Kerry is responsible for finding creative ways to tell CPL's story in moving pictures. He is a foundational member of CPL's creative marketing team and lends his creative development experience to produce inspiring and engaging video content for internal and external distribution. Whether Kerry is providing multi-cam video support for visual podcasts or producing promo videos for our core practice teams, he is always delivering compelling, high quality content that is aligned with the CPL brand.

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