Growth and Opportunity take Center Stage in CPL’s Vision 2025

As a firm, we see a bright future filled with great possibilities and even greater opportunity for our people and our clients.

During the long months of the pandemic in 2020, many of us at CPL spent time reflecting on our future. We engaged in leadership workshops; conducted meetings with our clients and community partners; and collaborated with team members to bring focus to where we’re going as an organization. We also renewed our commitment to the beliefs and values that served us well for the past 45 years. The result is CPL’s Vision 2025, a declaration that we intend to actively shape our future by keeping what we love about CPL, while setting a course for new opportunities. We are excited to share this Vision with our clients and the communities that we serve.

Growth, opportunity and community emerged as themes deeply embedded in our Vision. In fact, growth and opportunity are linked in a continuous and purposeful loop. By expanding our footprint; adding service lines; and enhancing our workflows, we will perpetually raise the bar on quality, innovation and value for clients. Simultaneously, growth brings greater opportunity for our people to flourish as professionals and members of their community.

Vision 2025 also recognizes that our plans for expansion will require an organizational structure that can scale and grow with us. Therefore, we have developed ‘a network of teams’ approach to leadership. This minimizes silos while strengthening connectivity and allows us to launch agile teams that are tailor-made for each project. In this new framework, I will remain as CEO and will have direct oversight on matters that involve our Vision, strategy, and growth – both organically and through acquisition.

Another important leadership announcement is the elevation of Richard B. Henry, III, P.E. to the role of President. Rick now oversees an integrated web of five core practice areas including: Healthcare; Higher Education; K-12 Education; Municipal; and Transportation. As President, Rick will provide connectivity across teams and geographies, and will ensure we can focus on our clients in a seamless way.

From a governance perspective, we have added two Board of Director seats for a total of seven (7) members. We also have two board observer seats. Daniel D. Duprey, Jr., P.E. is now Chairman of the Board and Timothy S. Knapp, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP is our Vice-Chair.

Shaping our future also involves targeted investment in technology. Our clients see the value in being able to visualize a project or gather insight into public sentiment via new technologies. We will continue to introduce tools that deepen the personal connections with our clients that are so critical to our work.

A changing future does not mean we lose the very best parts of our culture. We strive to be an inclusive organization where everyone plays to their strengths. Our B.I.D. (Belonging, Inclusion and Diversity) for Unity Committee is supporting our efforts in this regard. Likewise, our continued commitment to intentional design thinking, in all of our practice areas, will ensure we stay focused on our craft.

I can’t say enough about the dedication and hard work put forth by our team members throughout the past 18 months. They have shown resilience in the face of unprecedented uncertainty and continue to demonstrate innovation in how projects are designed and delivered. Perhaps most importantly, our team has shown grace and patience as we accommodate recurring school disruptions; healthcare concerns; long days that blur the line between work and home; plus, the underlying stressors brought on by the pandemic.

I am heartened to see that our commitment to our clients, our communities and to each other is still strong. It is this grounding sense of community that underpins everything at CPL and is the foundation for our Vision 2025.

As CPL’s CEO, Todd is a demonstrated leader within our firm as well as the design industry as a whole. With more than 30 years of experience in the design and construction of both healthcare and education facilities, he brings insight and passion to planning, design and project delivery. He also continually strives to set aspirations for CPL’s growth and sustained success, as well as assist staff with their personal goals for professional development.

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