No More Guessing Games — How assessing existing interior conditions can help hospitals make smarter investments

Confident Planning to Save Lives and Dollars

The healthcare industry is progressing at a rate unlike any other. To keep up with various shifts in economic trends and technological advancements, hospitals and health systems must become experts in planning ahead.

The concept of “strategic healthcare growth planning” can often be viewed as a cumbersome task—one that requires reliable, data-based intelligence and professional design expertise to minimize risks, enhance the patient experience, and guide planning efforts accordingly. To assist healthcare organizations in making smart, long-term plans for better care delivery and sustainable growth, CPL conducts detailed interior building assessments that give stakeholders the information they didn’t know they needed to make sound decisions about their hospital’s future.

The CPL Interior Assessment Advantage

A CPL Interior Assessment is a comprehensive inspection, review, and detailed report that analyzes a facility’s overall condition. Each report we generate for our healthcare clients encompasses valuable information about virtually every square foot inside a hospital, including architectural components like walls, floors, windows, and doors; building systems like plumbing, HVAC, and electrical work; and interior elements such as furniture, finishes, fixtures, and millwork.

Assessing the condition of these items is one thing; but making calculated observations about how they grade in terms of safety, functionality, durability, and aesthetics falls into a whole other league of giving clients priceless intel to make smart investments towards improving patient care.


Safety is at the forefront of intelligent design. With our vast product knowledge and high performance standards, we look for opportunities to enhance security and protective measures throughout facilities to ensure maximized safety is achieved for patients, staff and visitors.


How well a space functions has a direct impact on the workflow and efficiencies within each department. We apply our deep expertise and use best practices to design LEAN processes that streamline movement among staff and prevent critical time loss while on the clock.


Creating resilient and durable healthcare environments means you have to look for ‘win-win’ materials that are sustainable without sacrificing quality. After assessing the overall performance of materials, we provide tested and proven recommendations to ensure all interior spaces are able to withstand near-constant use and abuse.


Safety, functionality and durability should never compromise the look and feel of a healthcare environment. The aesthetics of any hospital system should create an instant narrative for visitors—one that evokes feelings of serenity and healing. We focus on providing intentional and enriched patient-centered designs that support physical and emotional well-being.

The CPL healthcare design team has substantial experience working with hospitals to assess interior conditions and gather practical knowledge on how well each department is functioning. We consult directly with hospital staff to discuss their work environment with the intent of gaining a unique user perspective. This invaluable feedback is always accounted for in our final evaluation to help us form the most comprehensive review.

Leaving Clients with a Thoughtful Plan of Action

Examining the overall performance of interior spaces is the best way for us to shed light on the inefficiencies that negatively impact hospitals. But what matters most is what hospitals do with this information—or better yet, what we help them do.

CPL’s interior assessments leave clients with a thoughtful plan of action—one that clearly outlines what they can do and how they can best do it according to their timeline and budget. Aligned closely with their unique goals, these assessments open the door for us to make strategic recommendations that help hospitals and health systems get closer to achieving a LEAN model of care in a patient-centered facility that adequately reflects their brand.



A Senior Interior Designer in our Charlotte office, Molly works with clients to develop functional and intentional designs that reflect as well as complement the architectural details of spaces. She possesses deep experience in a multitude of diverse project types, specializing in healthcare design.

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