Looking for More Than Just a Job?

At CPL, we have created a company culture entrenched in the mindset that your job should be more than just a 9 to 5. It should be a place where you can experience tremendous personal and professional growth, contribute to high performance teams, work on a variety of dynamic projects, and most importantly, have fun.

As we continue to grow, we need bold thinkers and creative problem solvers to fill roles at all levels and help us raise the design bar for our clients.

See what our team members are saying.
If you ask our team members what keeps us excited about coming to work every day, you’ll hear repeatedly that it’s the work, the people and the culture. We revel in the opportunity to work on projects that make a positive difference in our communities, alongside diverse, talented colleagues who truly enjoy working together.

Jason Streb – Architectural Team Member in Rochester, NY

“From my very first day [in 2010], I saw, and still see, a bright future with CPL – largely due to the people here who foster and encourage growth.”

Danny Jones – Architectural Team Member in Woodstock, GA

“The camaraderie in this office is outstanding. We all work crazy hours, but we do it because we want to. It sounds cheesy, but we truly have so much fun working together.”

Jennifer Wengender – Plumbing Engineering Team Member in Rochester, NY

“Not only has CPL committed to my professional development, but the company has also allowed me to have a flexible schedule to maintain a healthy balance between my professional career and family life.”

Robin Washco – Architectural Team Member in Charlotte, NC

“A lot of our offices are equipped with inspiring ‘word walls,’ each that have intentional words to encourage, uplift and motivate us to do quality work.”

Dan Nead – Architectural Team Member in Binghamton, NY

“There is a constant hum of ‘helpful chatter’ heard around this office. Whether it’s someone offering career advice, help with Revit or solutions to design issues, it’s instinctive for us to drop what we’re doing to help each other out here.”

Zach Anderson – Civil Engineering Team Member in Rochester, NY

“Nowadays, a lot of people bounce around from company to company. But that’s not for me. I started here – I’d like to end here.”

Brittany Nowicki – Interior Design Team Member in Buffalo, NY

“I interned at CPL while earning by degree at RIT. After graduation, CPL welcomed me back as a full-time team member and helped create a smooth transition into a new world of professionalism.”

Chris Ladanyi – Architectural Team Member in Newburgh, NY

“I can honestly say that my colleagues here are my friends. How can you not have fun working with your friends?”

Our greatest strength is you.
We know our most valuable asset is our people. As a result, we offer competitive salaries, excellent health benefits, a generous paid time off program, a student loan assistance program, and a 401K program. Additionally, we offer educational support and professional development opportunities for continued growth and advancement in your career.

We have offices in New York, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. Whether you’re just beginning your career or you’re looking to advance to the next level, we encourage you to explore the opportunities available and discover your potential with CPL.

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As our Chief Culture Officer, Kathy is responsible for supporting CPL's intentional culture and branding efforts. In addition, she serves in a leadership role as a Principal Associate and CPLworks teams. Outside the office, Kathy serves as a member of the Board of Education at the Marion Central School District. She also enjoys reading, gardening and watching soccer games with her family.

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