Compelling Lobby Designs — The Journey to Creating a Positive First Impression

Modern day lobby designs are all about establishing a welcoming experience that leaves visitors with a positive and memorable impression of the business they are visiting. Through interesting visual cues, textures, accents—and even sense of smell—a dynamic lobby has the power to become a destination all on its own.

Upon entering a lobby space, the opportunity for a positive interaction between your business and the visitor immediately presents itself. You can seize that opportunity with an appropriately placed receptionist or virtual check-in station that is ready to engage with your guests and give them the customer service you know they are looking for.

As the visitor moves through your space, it is vital that the overall interior design accurately mirrors the personality of your brand. By incorporating specific design elements, your lobby can serve as an authentic reflection of who you are as a business, and in turn, elicit positive feelings from all who pass through it.

Impressionable branding such as this can be achieved through:

  • The prominent placement of your logo
  • The incorporation of tasteful art, graphics and finish selections
  • The subtle visual representation of your company’s value propositions (often portrayed in the form of graphic word walls, streaming videos or professional photography)

Step inside this 360 degree scan of the Erie County Medical Center’s (ECMC) lobby, which features several influential design elements that are essential to achieving impressionable branding. Use your mouse to walk around and discover helpful tips for creating a welcoming, dynamic lobby design.

Equally as important as proper branding is thoughtful lighting. When done right, creative lighting design has the power to vastly improve a visitor’s overall mood while in your space—all within the flick of a switch. The key is to strike the perfect balance between giving your lobby enough brightness and illumination, while creating a comfortable and intentional ambiance.

Another design consideration that cannot be overlooked is the careful selection of your lobby’s furniture.

Do you want to keep people comfortable during a potentially long wait? Do you need a game table to keep children occupied? Should the furniture be accommodating any special needs?

Stylish, comfortable, and above all, functional furniture selections are a must to ensure a pleasurable guest experience.

One last element to consider when creating that “wow” factor for your dynamic lobby is the incorporation of lush greenery—known as biophilic design. In addition to adding some striking, eco-friendly visuals, potted plants and vertical gardens can also absorb pollutants in the air, keeping your visitors happy and stress free.

Within the four walls of any lobby lies a great opportunity to enliven a company’s brand and offer visitors an experience they won’t forget. The question is and should always be, does your lobby make a good first impression?

A Senior Interior Designer in our Charlotte office, Molly works with clients to develop functional and intentional designs that reflect as well as complement the architectural details of spaces. She possesses deep experience in a multitude of diverse project types, specializing in healthcare design.

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